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Ancient City Bingo

It's a big city!

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Ancient City Bingo is a challenge based on the Cliche Bingo challenge run by rheanna27. The rules, FAQ and posting guidelines have been adapted from those of Cliche Bingo, and are used gratefully and with acknowledgement to the Cliche Bingo Mods.

What is Ancient City Bingo?

Ancient City Bingo is the result two fangirls’ continued love affair with all things SGA and in particular the City itself. It was one of those ideas that formed in the course of melagan and neevebrody musing about fandom and their love of the universe created around Pegasus and the Ancient City, and one of those ideas that actually got past the ‘just talking’ stage.

The concept is simple: there was so much of the City left unexplored and so much that was only hinted at. What other crazy devices did the Ancients construct? What sorts of experiments - good and bad - did they abandon? Did all the Ancients ascend? Did a few go, leaving behind work entrusted to the ‘New Lanteans’? And here’s a twist... What would happen if other fandoms found their way to the Lost City?

So, Ancient City Bingo was born. A safe harbor for every faction of fandom, a dream of many new stories that include all our favorite characters while featuring the City prominently. The stories are out there... just like all those unexplored rooms and parts of the City herself. Anything goes here - het, slash, femslash, gen, and all characters are welcome. -even original characters if you like. Crossovers with any fandom are accepted; however, the action must take place in the Ancient City.

Another twist? Fills may be accomplished by fic, drabbles and/or art, icons, vids, vidlets, soundmixes or mini-mixes.

The one thing that will not be tolerated is any form of flaming with respect to OTPs or pairings. Another reason Ancient City Bingo was created was to be a challenge where all of SGA fandom could participate equally.

The Basics (cleverly disguised as rules)

(that sounds ominous, but actually we’re extremely laid back here)

In our desire to encourage participation, drabbles may be used to fill any or all of your bingo squares and the only restriction here is that the writer adhere to the 100 word requirement. As for other fic, the only word count restriction is a minimum: 100 words. From there, the sky, as well as your imagination, is the limit.

The time limit for your first bingo will be seven months from the date the current round begins, which for the initial round will be November 1, 2013. That makes the deadline for all bingos midnight Oct 31, 2013. As with other Bingos, you may request a new card after you’ve successfully completed one bingo, or you may choose to keep the card you have. But here’s something new... if you don’t happen to complete a bingo in the time allotted for the current round, no worries, you may still request another card at the beginning of the next round. Laid back, remember? Very low stress - we’re trying to encourage writers and artists, especially new ones to the fandom.

Here’s how it works: When you sign up, you will receive a five-by-five bingo card with 24 prompts and a blank 'wildcard' square. Notice we didn’t say “in the center.” In Ancient City Bingo, the wildcard square could be anywhere on the card and that square may be filled from any prompt on our prompt list - the same list from which the prompts on your card are gathered.

One complete bingo means one line, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, or a postage stamp (4 contiguous squares in any corner), filled with drabbles, fic, ficlets, art, vids, vidlets, gifs, soundmixes (or mini-mixes), or a combination of the lot. Entries may be het, gen, slash, femslash, threesomes, more-somes. (drabbles must be exactly 100 words and fic has a minimum of 1000 words) (icons are a minimum of three per square)

Crossovers with any other fandom are accepted as long as that fandom comes to Atlantis and the action features the City.

Once you complete one bingo, you may post your entry to the comm (posting that you have made a bingo and listing links only to your stories or art in the post). Until then, you may post single entries anywhere you’d like - your own journal, another comm, wherever.

Unlike other Bingo incarnations, we have no scoring protocols or prizes. We will, however, offer everyone participation banners and specialty banners for a card blackout or a postage stamp incorporating all prompts in those four squares in one single fill - fic, art, or combo.

How to make a Bingo:
All 24 prompts plus the centre wild card square = a bingo blackout
A horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line = one bingo
One fill incorporating four prompts from any one corner of your card = postage stamp
Four individual fills using four prompts from any one corner of your card = postage stamp
Any time after you've scored one of the above bingos on your card, you may ask for a new card.

Questions? Contact one of the Mods and we’ll be happy to help.

To sign up for a card or ask questions, Go Here.

For all the Rules and FAQs, Go Here.