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The end of Round 2 - and Banners!
Ancient City
Nov 1st and come and gone and this round is officially over.

Congratulations to everyone that participated! Be sure to check out the awesome stories and artwork. It is marvelous, indeed. (I'm using one piece of the art for my desktop even as I type)

We have two Banners to give out this round made by the talented neevebrody

Rd 2 Blackout_tarlan

Rd 2 vertical line_sharsharjones

Bingo vertical line
Artist: shaharjones
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis
Prompts: Home Away From Home, It´s Alive!, AU, Putting on the Ritz, Day-in-the-Life

Clicking on the links will lead you to the works on my site
Links: Home Away From Home, It´s Alive!, AU, Putting on the Ritz, Day-in-the-Life

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Two stories for Ancient City Bingo
McShepletGirl doesn't have a Live Journal account so I've agreed to post links to her stories.

They're both on Wraithbait.

The Hustler - Care packages from Earth provide good opportunity for hustling. But who makes the best deal?

Toast - John is not a happy man - and he knows exactly who to blame.

If you leave any messages here, I'll pass them on!

SGA - Atlantis
I'm feeling so pleased with myself right now :)

Completed: 25/25 - BLACKOUT! -

Click on the individual cells to see the full copy of any artwork or to go to any stories.

Prime/Not Prime Outsider POV Captive Blues
Just a Phase Brave Little Toaster Family War and Peace
Out of Time Fly me to the Moons Keep the Change
Entertainment Tonight Culture Shock
Jack of all Trades Telepathy Starcrossed Maternal Instinct

Reference Table under the cut
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Round 1 Winning Banners!!
Atlantis - home
First of all, I must apologize profusely for being so late with these banners. Congratulations to all winners and good luck to everyone with Round 2!!


remaining banners here...Collapse )

Ancient City Bingo! Round 2 is now open!
Bingo Pimp

Round 2 of Ancient City Bingo is now open!

  • If you have a card from Round 1, you're welcome to use / re-use those prompts.

  • If you had a card and have, umm... misplaced it, we still have the originals and can get you a copy.

  • If you want a new card, we can do that for you also.

This is a low-key low pressure opportunity to get some prompts and create stuff... fic, art, icons, vids, meta.... and all types... gen, het, slash... as well as all ratings.... G to NC-17. You do it and we'll be glad to promote it.

We're opening the request for cards today -- Friday March 15 and you have until April 1 (no fooling!  ::groan:: ) to request a card. You then have until November 1 to do your Bingo.... everything from a single line to cover-all.

Many questions will be answered in the FAQ, which is here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/profile -- check that out!

Leave us a comment with an email addy here and we'll send you a card.... Or do ask any questions here also!


(And don't hesitate to leave a note to let em_kellesvig know how pretty her banner is! And if you snurch it to pimp Round 2 for us, do let us know where you've pimped it!)

Also, there's a 'sister' comm on Dreamwidth... ask here or there!

Round 1 Winners List!
Some of this came in just before the deadline but some of this is older so I want to make sure we acknowledge everyone who made a bingo of some sort for Ancient City Bingo!

If you haven't checked out the various submissions, go ahead and tell folk how cool their stories / icons / etc are! The links are to their list of submissions.

danceswithgary - Completed a diagonal line and 2 postage stamps; here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/4339.html

sexycazzy - Completed a horizontal line; here http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/4084.html

tarlanx - Completed a Blackout! Whee! Here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/3685.html

chubbypup - Completed a horizontal line; here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/3330.html

shaharjones - Completed a horizontal line; here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/3218.html

mella68 - Completed a vertical line; here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/2943.html

rinkafic - Completed a Blackout! Whee! Here: http://ancientctybingo.livejournal.com/2804.html

Your mods are completely embarrassed that they aren't in this list! ::grin::

If you have a card and just never got around to finishing that bingo, hold that thought! Back in a bit with Round 2!

It's November 1 -- End of Round 1!
We've had a handful of folk complete a bingo or coverall for Ancient City Bingo over the last couple of days!

THANK YOU! More SGA fic for us all!

I'm going to make a summary but won't get to that over the weekend, so I'll be back with the Winners list then!

And there are rewards! Coming soon also!

Bingo: Diagonal Line and 2 Postage Stamps
McShep - A Hand Apart
Author/Artist: danceswithgary
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: G to PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 13 x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles w/art created based on prompts for Ancient City Bingo. All of the artworks are Photoshop manipulations using multiple source images. The beautiful glassworks in several of the artworks are by Dale Chihuly, the rest of my sources are listed in my profile.

Card, Art, and Drabbles

Bingo horizontal line
GoG: Gamora
Author/Artist: sexycazzy
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate-1
Prompts: My place or yours?, On the balcony, Don't touch that!, Pegasus 101, Uncharted Territory 
Card, Fic & ArtCollapse )

Completed Bingo Card!
SGA - Atlantis
Completed: 25/25 - Blackout!

Click on the individual cells to see the FULL SIZE copy of any artwork or on the link to go to any stories.

Prompt TableCollapse )

Reference Table under the cutCollapse )


Bingo horizontal line
Artist: Chubbypup
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis
Prompts: Dream on, Touch me, Caught in a web, My place or mine, Comic book heroes
Notes: I tried to do different styles and use different mediums for each prompt. Dream on is inspired by the opening titles for Juno. Touch me is of a hand reaching towards a quantum mirror

Links: Dream on, Caught in a web, Comic book heroes, Touch me, My place or yours + one extra Girls with sticks

Bingo horizontal line
Artist: shaharjones
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis
Prompts: Sister City, Don´t Touch That!!, My place or yours, Pegasus Surprise, Back on Earth

Links: Sister City, Don´t Touch That!!, My place or yours, Pegasus Surprise, Back on Earth
+ one extra Art: Ask Radek


Bingo vertical line
Artist: mella68
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis
Prompts: Wormhole X-treme, The Woolsey Files, On the balcony, Turn me on, Under the sea

Wormhole X-treme, The Woolsey Files, On the balcony, Turn me on, Under the sea
+ two extra fanarts: Fish are our friends, Back on earth

Blackout Completed
Disney - Minion - Sad
Here's my Ancient City bingo card - clickable for links to stories

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email reminder
Ancient City
If you asked for a card and didn't get it please check your spam folder, it may have ended up there.

There are still a couple of people that asked for a card but left no email for me to send it to. If that should be the case you can just drop an email to ancientcitybingo @ gmail. com or reply again to This Post

We'll keep the porch light on for ya!

Reminder - Only 2 Days Left!
Atlantis - home
Two more days to sign up and request your Bingo card for Round 1. Sign-ups close at Midnight November 15th. We've already had an amazing response and wish everyone luck with their card. There are a lot of cool prompts out there and we're really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with... and how many different ways you can find to fill the squares!

Just so you know, we've added recs, haiku (a series of multiple entries per prompt), and meta as means to fill your square. You can check out more about these additions in the The Rules. If you still have questions, ask them there or here in comments.


(no subject)
Ancient City
Ancient City Bingo - it's all about those stories where our hearts and imaginations want to go.

It's also a chance to bring your old SGA love and new fandom loves together, if you're so inclined. (Tony Stark in Atlantis? Yes please.)

Things we need: Please title your post, "BINGO: diagonal line" or "BINGO: blackout" or "EXTRA: postage stamp story" or "EXTRA: double line stories" or whatever combo it is that you're submitting.

Then use this template for the body of the post:

Author: (your name here)
Fandoms: (list of fandom(s)
Prompts: (list of prompts written)

title of and link to first story (fandom, pairing, prompt)
title of and link to second story (fandom, pairing, prompt)

You can include additional information (wordcounts, short summaries, etc.) if you like. Please be sure to include any and all relevant and appropriate warnings. If you like, you may post a picture of your bingo card, with X's or a line through the squares you've completed.

A number of cards have already been sent out. If you requested a card but have not received it, please check your spam folder.

And please remember when requesting your card, we need an email address in order to mail your card out to you.


Already have your card and the prompts have you scratching your head? Does your prompts say, Zzzzzzzt or Nanites R us? - and wow, that's not your typical prompt.

Remember, your bingo card is actually two prompts in one.

The first is the Ancient City of Atlantis. The second is your bingo square. Look at it sideways. Turn it upside down, shake it around a little, and see what inspiration falls out.

Still feel a little nervous, still scratching your head at that one impossible prompt?
sgamadison has created a comm for that. sga_cardplayers is a support community created specifically for those participating in Ancient City Bingo who may have a case of first-time Bingo jitters. It's a place for brainstorming and hand-holding, cheering and advice. Check it out!

(And, of course, if you have questions about the rules or procedures, or anything else pertaining to Ancient City Bingo, your mods are the ladies to ask.)

Welcome to Ancient City Bingo!
amazing mcshep fic
Ancient City Bingo is the result two fangirls’ continued love affair with all things SGA and in particular the City itself. It was one of those ideas born of a conversation between neevebrody, and myself, musing about fandom and our love of the universe created around Pegasus and the Ancient City. Remarkably, it was one of those ideas that actually got past the ‘just talking’ stage.

The concept is simple: there was so much of the City left unexplored and so much that was only hinted at. What other crazy devices did the Ancients construct? What sorts of experiments - good and bad - did they abandon? Did all the Ancients ascend? Did a few go, leaving behind work entrusted to the ‘New Lanteans’? And here’s a twist... What would happen if other fandoms found their way to the Lost City?

So, Ancient City Bingo was born. A safe harbor for every faction of fandom, a dream of many new stories that include all our favorite characters while featuring the City prominently. The stories are out there... just like all those unexplored rooms and parts of the City herself. Anything goes here - het, slash, femslash, gen, and all characters are welcome. -even original characters if you like. Crossovers with any fandom are accepted; however, the action must take place in the Ancient City.

Another twist? Fills may be accomplished by fic, drabbles and/or art, vids, vidlets, soundmixes or mini-mixes.

The one thing that will not be tolerated is any form of flaming with respect to OTPs or pairings. Another reason Ancient City Bingo was created was to be a challenge where all of SGA fandom could participate equally.

There are a few laid back Rules (and FAQ) here. And a handy Prompt List for the Free square.

Care to join us? Request a card by leaving a comment (screened) to this post with your email address and we'll send it off to you!

Sign-ups Begin: November 1, 2011
Sign-ups End: November 15, 2011
Deadline for Completion of First Bingo: October 31, 2012
Cards are issued upon sign-up, and you can request a new card after your first Bingo.

There's a nifty little Banner code to pimp Ancient City Bingo HERE

Bingo Pimp

Sign up post is HERE